gigantino.tv is the personal blog of Joshua Gigantino. This site is always a work in progress.

Site Status: March, 2017: Updating after memory-leak issues.

Reports on space, FabLabs, workforce development, design, classwork from PhD & Masters study and other topics will occasionally appear here.


Joshua Gigantino is a designer, entrepreneur and technologist focused on applying industrial design research to high technology fields and applying high technology practices to other fields, best described as “open-sourcing outer space”. Interests include human factors & body mapping, sustainability, human-machine interfaces, electronics, commercial space development, ethnography, transdisciplinarity and technical arts including video, animation, 3D scanning, personal fabrication & micro-manufacturing. He holds a BFA in Open Media from Massachusetts College of Art, an MSD in New Product Innovation from Arizona State University and a first-level black belt through the IWSD. A PhD student in the School of Arts, Media & Engineering at Arizona State University, he has studied through the worldwide Fab Academy network & Brown University. He has founded two startups: PostcardsToSpace and Little Giant Design Studio; and worked for other startups, media & design companies. He is associated with SEDS, MarsDrive and the EarthLight Institute, organizations promoting space development and the Alliance for Arts in Research Universities (A2RU). He is currently developing an MIT-compliant FabLab in Tempe, Arizona while completing coursework toward PhD candidacy.

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